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Want to see visualized improvements in your child’s English and math skills?

Using a comprehensive catch-all testing system, CatchCoach offers the ability to visualizes a student’s strengths and weaknesses for further review. 


Five Sequential Stages


After registration and purchases are finalized, your student will be given the opportunity to be assessed and given access to self-study tools.


Students, educators, and parents can visualize areas of strength and weaknesses based on levels of proficiency. Students can keep track of which areas they need help with using a variety of metrics 


Students, educators, and parents can visualize areas of strength and weaknesses based on levels of proficiency. Students can keep track of which areas they need help with using a variety of metrics. 



Instruction and practice are given from our detailed Lesson Planner.

We have hundreds of Coach® lessons alongside other licensed tools that cover state mandated concepts.


Since students will be challenged appropriately, they may not get every question correct. They will review questions they missed and read the lessons again to understand any mistakes

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We're CatchCoach.

Should my child be strengthening their foundations or progressing to more advanced material?

How can I know my child fully understands academic concepts and principles?

This tool is best used by students
in the 2nd to 8th grade. 

CatchCoach offers a system than can help every student improve their grades.

CatchCoach wants to measure a student’s understanding of required material, identify potential areas of weaknesses, fill learning gaps, and present a progress report for further review.

Our goal is to help parents understand their student’s progress mastering grade-level curriculum. Our curriculum is for students who want to build a strong foundation as efficiently as possible.


 We believe that education should adapt to a student’s needs. Education is never one-size-fits-all. This tool will help parents and students better plan for their future success

sequential stage
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What People Say

Wonderful, the study materials and practice tests were perfect for getting me prepared and set me up for success!
Thank you!

  • Who needs CatchCoach?
    Home-school students who wish to follow Common Core curriculum (or compare to another curriculum) Affordable, yet more effective method of tutoring. We are aware that there are students who lack the motivation to keep up with the expectations of those around them.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    CatchCoach is a 1-year subscription service. You can cancel the subscription at any time and still use the remaining time on your subscription. For any questions, please contact
  • Can I get a tutor for my child?
    The CatchCoach team firmly believe that the program we have will empower students to develop skills to take on the challenges they face in classroom, as well as in modern world. Though CatchCoach does not offer tutoring services, we have the resources to match your students with the tutor if you desire.
  • How is CatchCoach's assessment different from the State Standard Test?
    While State Standardized Tests are important for understanding your child's proficiency required by the State, CatchCoach wants students and parents to understand the specifics of each of requirement and highlight areas of concern, if any. Catchcoach's tests help parents develop an understanding of test scores in relation to each other, rather than as standalone figures.

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